Elizaveta Tuktamysheva shared thoughts about friendship


Famous Russian figure skater Elizabeth Tuktamysheva shared their experiences and discovery about female friendship. Reflections along with a photo close to her, she has posted on his page on “Instagram”.

 Tuktamysheva skater of his revelation

 A well-known athlete Lisa Tuktamysheva is probably one of the most public and open people in figure skating. It is not only in its blatant demonstration room with dressing, which in due time create a stir and caused a wave of discussions. We are talking about it in public in the first place in the social networks and contacts with the media. Hence, such a love for figure skater from the media.

 Elizabeth constantly communicates with subscribers, shares his impressions of life, reflections, revelations and often goes on the air. Even such a simple event such as the removal of braces, was a real treat for fans who shared his idol. For more on this we wrote in a separate article.

 At this time, in his “Instagram”, which has become the main channel of the fans in the world of athletes, a new post dedicated to “female friendship”. It is no secret that in popular culture has stereotype that real friendship is possible only between men. Based on Lisa’s post, she thought as to the moment when she met her friends. This is about:

 Betina Popova – skater, competed in ice dancing;

 Sindre Kriise – ex-figure skater and now coach (included in the headquarters of Alexei Mishin);

 Valeria Maximova – fitness coach.

 By the way, Betina Popova this year announced the end of his sporting career. For more information about her journey and reasons for the decision can be found in our special material.

 Lisa called her friends the support and the support, and concluded that in front of them waiting for another “so much”.

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 Female friendship does not exist. ⠀ So I think as long as my life did not appear they @ bet1nka @sinddra @ 86leramax ⠀ support, support, laughter, podkoly, understanding and just the joy of our meetings. I’m glad that you are https://getcasinoslots.com/free-online-slots/red-hot-fruits-online-slot/ with me! There is still so much ???? ⠀ Women’s friendship does not exist. So I thought, until they appeared in my life @ bet1nka @sinddra @ 86leramax Reliance, support, laughter, jokes, understanding and just the joy of our meetings. Glad you are with me! So much more to come ????

 Publication of Elizaveta Tuktamysheva (@liza_tuktik)

 May 14, 2020 at 12:35 PDT

 Earlier we talked about the readiness Tuktamysheva have to compete in the competition, according to Betina Popova.

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